Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC metal machining by vertical mill. Coolant and lubrication

Over the years we have created a modern machine park thanks to which, in cooperation with other companies, we are able to carry out practically any metalworking order. Elements are made exactly according to the strict tolerance specified by the customer. We believe that durability depends on the quality of workmanship, therefore each element is dimensionally and qualitatively checked at each stage of technological production.

Our company has
– Conventional milling machines
– 3 axis CNC milling centres + switchboard
– Conventional lathes
– CNC lathe centres
– Roller grinders
– Surface grinders
– Coordinate borehole grinder
– Hole punch
– Numerically controlled hollowcore machines
– Numerically controlled wire rod machine
– Polishing stations
– Sanding stations
– Modern assembly hall